The S-Classes That I Raised

Description :
The S-Classes That I Raised Manga (내가 키운 S 급들) is a famous web novel that was transformed into a manga. The author of the Manga/manhwa adaptation of this novel is Geunseo (근서), who mixed between Comedy, action, and adventure genres. 210 chapters were translated and translations of different chapters are in progress.

Han Yoojin also called 한유진 Han Yujin, is the protagonist of the novel The SClasses I Raised. This novel follows Yoojin on his adventure as he travels back in time to avoid the death of his brother who sacrificed himself.

The S-Classes That I Raised Main Character :
Han Yoojin (한유진 Han Yu-jin) is the principal character in this manga. He is the protagonist of the novel The S-Classes I Raised. This novel follows Yoojin on his adventure when he regresses back in time to prevent his brother’s death, who sacrificed himself.
Han Yoojin has pale skin and black hair with bangs that reach up to his black eyes. He considers his build to be an agent compared to Moon Hyuna’ and his build before his regression.

He’s usually seen carrying a black choker with a blue gem, a bracelet, and a red combination of earrings. He’s drawn with a white shirt with black arms and a few quiet jackets, sometimes an animal skin black one. He wears fingerless gloves.
From being neglected and losing his oldsters wherever it absolutely was up to him to require care of his very little brother, Han Yoojin has matured up being a caregiver for all his life, finding it traditional that he takes care of these he considers a part of his family and friends and would instinctively risk his health and successfulness in ensuring they’d be fine, particularly for his very little brother. though this causes those around him to become worried, stating it’d be ideally higher if he doesn’t get involved, Han dynasty Yoojin finds it tough to be the one unnoticed of a problem, additionally as belongings go of his take care of others, that contrasts to his goal of wanting to live a peaceful, responsibility-free life.

Even within the previous timeline, when being brought to a halt by Han dynasty Yoohyun, Han Yoojin always had thought it absolutely was his fault for not being born as an S-class hunter like his brother, developing a complex and believes he required to prove himself worthy so as to bring his brother back to him. Unfortunately, this led him to form poor decisions, which caused him to be heavily criticized by the public, leading him to fall into an exceeding state of depression. Though, this doesn’t stop him from doing his utmost best and doing what it takes to induce his brother back to him. His lack of confidence in himself remains even within the new timeline that causes him to deal poorly together with his emotions. Even praise or a little act of care, usually from anyone, on the other hand, Han dynasty Yoohyun causes him to fluster.

Han Yoojin is incredibly biased towards the folks he loves (Yoo Myeongwoo, Bak Yerim), above all his brother, and may become barbed and rude to those he doesn’t significantly like. he’s able to bicker and speak back to hunters whose categories are higher than him (due to the dearth of concern caused by his fear resistance) that doesn’t fail to shock others, a correct description of him would be ‘a assured cervid among wolves’. he’s a conjointly capable actor and liar, able to trick an S-class hunter while not being caught, tho’ loses if he is being challenged on a lie.

On the other hand, Han dynasty Yoojin is incredibly pitiless towards the enemy, particularly to people who hurt the people highest to him. He doesn’t hesitate to kill them, though to some extent he feels guilt as he is still human regardless. though he’s capable of handling his seizure affairs due to his fighting expertise before his regression, he acts as a demoiselle in distress, ideally eager to keep an occasional profile notwithstanding it raises suspicions on why the enemies have already been wiped out.